There are several attractions in the forest park on the Shepherd's Wall. Right in the center of the city you will enjoy a trip along the ridges of sandstone rocks, which can be combined with a visit to the Zoo or the sightseeing restaurant. The trip can be started on the Elbe Embankment or on the Shepherd's Wall. If you drive up to the zoo car park, take the road towards the cruise restaurant.

This more savvy will surely enjoy a longer option, leading along the red tourist trail from the Elbe Embankment, a stone path to the top of the wall. At the top you will find a magical view of the Elbe Valley, the castle and the city. From here, continue along the red mark along the ridges of the rocks, opening up in front of you will be a variety of views of the surrounding nature and the city. The trail takes you roughly to a rock protrusion with a view.